Cloud Signage

Cloud Based Digital Signage

No server management, no complicated software installation, no IT headaches.

20+ drag-and-drop widgets, comprehensive scheduling, robust reports dashboard and device status monitoring.

Really great software, easy to use!

With Roryx, creating and managing beautiful digital sigage is easy and fun!

Display multi-widget slideshows, social media streams, scrolling news,videos, weather and more.

Roryx’s Digital Signage Software can be used to manage dynamic content in any environment:

  • Corporate: calendars, company metrics, announcements and news
  • HR: employee of the month, training procedures and company events
  • Education: schedules, news, information, notices, bulletins and maps
  • Digital Menu Boards: full menu, items, prices, images and specials
  • Retail: current or upcoming sales, product information and store hours
  • Medical: new services, directory, insurance updates and information

Over 20+ Drag-and-Drop Widgets

Create an unlimited combination of zones that can be customized to your branding and application needs.

Popular widgets include
Scrolling News and Text

Add announcements, sales and specials, live news, ESPN sport feeds and any other RSS feed! You can set it to scroll from left, right, up and down.

Dynamic Slideshows

Engage your audience with a series of rotating videos, slides, images and text with the ability to set slide duration

HD Videos

Inform and educate with videos! Add your commercials, clips, YouTube, Ustream or any MP4 video

Live Weather & Clock

Your local forecast or choose from over 200+ cities around the world. Includes option to add humidity, visibility and conditions, plus current and future forecasts!

Social Media

Add your Facebook gallery, live Twitter feed, Yammer, or any #Instagram post. All it takes is one click and you are live! No complicated integrations

Any Webpage

Add your website: this can be your organization’s website, metrics dashboards, anything! The webpage can take full screen or a small section

Includes Full Template Library

Choose from customizable templates to edit and adjust, to include the exact features for you.

Advanced Scheduling Module

Create playlists, set schedules, add expiration dates and pre-schedule content.

Advanced Schedules

Preset your playlists to automatically display on the screen, on specific dates, times and specific recurring days.

Set Play Duration

You can set each creative to play for a specific amount of time, then after playing it will transit to next the creative

Day Parting

Schedule your breakfast, lunch, dinner and other menu specials to auto-update on defined times and/or dates

Playlist Order

Drag-and-drop your playlist to display on the screen in the exact sequence that you want for them to play


Watch any playlist that you created, to make sure it plays in the correct sequence

Name & Description

Give your playlist a name and description, so you’ll know what content it is going to be play

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