What can I create with the Roryx Digital signage studio?
  • GENERAL WIDGETS : Weather, clock, shape, rolling text, RSS and more
  • SOCIAL WIDGETS : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
  • RICH MEDIA : Images, videos, Ustream
  • INTERACTIVE FEATURES : Polls, trivia and games


Lock device, toggle between portrait or landscape, statistics reports, watchdog and monitor, showcase mode, online/offline mode and more

How does it work?
  • With our Android mini PC and Roryx App
  • Go to http://signage.roryx.tech/studio and create your campaign with our easy to use cloud application and start broadcasting right away.

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Feel free to contact us
for any questions at sales@roryx.com.sg

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Runs on Chrome OS, Windows and Android!

After you have set up your free 30-day Roryx trial, you can send content to your player.
Once you have your content ready then you need to download our free app. Once installed
you can instantly begin sending content to your display!

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Digital signage app

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