Various Size of Tablets

  • Works as an Autonomous Unit
  • Connected to Cloud
  • Works Offline
  • Multiple Devices
  • Any types of Android tablets you wish and wide range of sizes                                       (7”, 10”, 15”,17”, 21” ,32”)
Where can I use Tablet?

Wide Radius of usage

  1. Near any point of sale
  2. On shelves
  3. In taxis, limos or buses
  4. Near gas pumps
  5. In restrooms
  6. In waiting rooms of clinics
  7. As a door sign for a lecture hall or meeting room
Tablet with Stand

Roryx  turns any Android tablet into an advanced, beautiful digital signage screen.

  • Android tablet for in-business promotions or as an information pad
  • Position any screen strategically near products, waiting areas, near bars and         counters, in taxis and buses, etc.
  • Increase your spontaneous sales by placing a tablet at your point of sale to             increase purchases
  • Let people know what’s going on in a lecture hall or meeting room

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Runs on Chrome OS, Windows and Android!

After you have set up your free 30-day Roryx trial, you can send content to your player.
Once you have your content ready then you need to download our free app. Once installed
you can instantly begin sending content to your display!

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