P2 LED Signage

Professional Image With High Refresh Rate

Up to 3840Hz high refresh rate keeps it high quality display performance even under professional camera, no water waves or screen flashing, totally meet the live show requirements.

Soft Picture Quality

Soft picture quality, no fatigue for a long time.

Variety Of Installation Methods

Supports a variety of installation methods such as landing, wall hanging, and in-wall.

High Contrast

Display uniform color, high contrast, true picture.

Extra Wide Viewing Angle

No seams, extra wide viewing angle, uniform brightness and colorlessness.


The cabinet is flexible and compact, and the alignment slot + positioning pin design ensures that the screen is flat and seamless.

Product name                 :  Indoor P2 Advertising  LED Display Board

Application                      :  Indoor Advertising

Certificate                        :  CE ROHS FCC

Module Resolution      :   126*64 dots

Warranty                          :  2 Years

LED chip                           :  Epistar

Life span                           :  100000hours

Power supply                :  Hangte SIQI/other Suitable

Maintain style              :  Back Maintain

Control mode               :   Video sync

Tube Chip Color          :  Full Color

Display Function         :  Video, Image and Text

Pixels                                :  2 MM

Brand Name                  :   Cxcolor

Screen Dimension      :   Customized Size