One screen, unlimited possibilities

Using NoviSign’s, employee communications digital signage anyone can make screens that contain any combination of bulletins, media slideshows, training videos and custom messaging. Using our all-in-one solution for employee communications digital signage, you will be able to make content then send it to any screen quickly.


google spread sheet

Google Slides and Spreadsheet

Connect and display your presentations, charts and slides


weekly schedule

Weekly Schedule

Spotlight company meetings, training dates and critical customer meetings


mixed media

Mixed Media

Add a unique combination HD videos, scrolling tickers, RSS feeds and weather



Social Media Streams

Stream real-time Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds


company inititives

Company Initiatives

Spotlight your vision, new products and corporate culture





Welcome new employees, share HR news and training videos

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    Control your screens

    Make edits and updates to a single screen or all of your screens with minutes from any computer at any time. Roryx’s digital signage for employee communications can be installed on any Windows, Android or Chrome OS media player. You can also preschedule specific slides or templates to play on anticipated times or dates automatically. This included scheduling module is useful for displaying time-sensitive notifications, special employee messages and other relevant information.


    lobies central


    Drag & Drop Widgets

    Anyone can use Roryx’s drag-and-drop widgets to quickly design and create engaging and informative employee communications digital signage:

    • RSS News Feeds
    • YouTube
    • Ustream
    • Webpages
    • Google Slides and Spreadsheets
    • HD Images
    • Videos
    • Slideshows and Presentations
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Yammer
    • Weather, Date and Clock
    • Scrolling Tickers
    • Shapes and Backgrounds
    • Interactive Polls
    Your Total Solution for Corporate Communications Digital Signage

    Using Roryx’s digital signage for corporate communications, you can effortlessly design, edit and manage your announcements for one or thousands of digital screen. From small 10″ tablets outside of conference rooms to large 90″ digital signs for your lobby you can use Roryx to manage your entire organization’s visual communications infrastructure. Update one screen at a time or multiple locations screens.

    Employee Communications

    Factory Floor Digital Signage

    Production Numbers, Monthly Goals, Line Statuses, Charts and Data

    Corporate Lobby Digital Signage

    Welcome Clients, Spotlight Company News, Company Social Media, Product Announcements

    Employee Breakroom Digital Signage

    Employee of the Month, Corporate Announcements, Achievements, Local News

    Digital Signage for HR

    Health Insurance News, Corporate Events, Training Videos, Messages from CEO

    Digital Directories for Lobbies

    Wayfinding Directory, Facility Map, Meetings Calendar, Traffic Reports

    Across Your Entire Building or Strategically Deployed in High Traffic Locations

    The possibilities of corporate communications digital signage with Roryx are unlimited! You can easily update and share real-time notifications across your building’s digital signs located in different locations. From your lobby to employee breakroom, using Roryx’s online Studio, you can preschedule specific messages and other relevant information to automatically update on displays at specific dates and times.

    • Manage multiple locations and their displays from your corporate headquarters
    • Includes full admin control with the ability to create additional users
    • From any computer make changes of content and remotely send updates
    • Create your notifications in advance then pre-schedule them to refresh automatically
    • Set your content to auto-update on particular days, repeat play on specific days, or to play once