Roryx’s digital menu boards for pizza shops enable restaurants of any size to create and manage high impact digital menu boards!

Popular Applications

Sell more Pizza Digital Menu Boards

Better upsell your daily promotions

Improve customer loyalty!

Rapid return on investment

A fully scalable, easy to manage cloud-based solution


pizza slice deal

Pizza Slices and Deals

Spotlight and sell more of your special slice prices, pizza deals and offer exclusive dine-in specials. This improves customer loyalty and sales!



Unlimited Menu Zones

Beautifully display any combination of appetizer specials, dessert promos and other items clearly and organized.



Customizable Templates

Create your digital menu from scratch or choose from our pre-made easy to edit templates. Your logo and branding requirements can be added.


cloud based

Cloud based Update

Using any web browser, on any device, at any time, you can design, edit and manage your entire pizza menu for one or multiple locations.



Easier-to-Read Pizza Menu

Effortlessly, organize your menu into color-coded categories, making it clean and easy to read. This kind of design is great for large menus!


advance day

Advanced Day Parting

Schedule specific advertisements or your entire menu to automatically change at specific times and days.


pizza 1

The Perfection Solution for Pizza Shops Looking for Digital Menu Boards

Roryx’s cloud-based online Studio allows you to easily and quickly design, edit and manage your entire digital menu from any computer, at any time!


    5 Reasons to Use Digital Menu Boards

    • Make More Money: increase your ticket amount by spotlighting your highest-margin items
    • Enhance Your Branding: dramatically improve your brand image with high definition graphics
    • Decrease Wait Time: reduce perceived wait times with sharp and clear menu listings
    • Save Money: eliminate print costs by switching to digital menu boards
    • Ultimate Flexibility: pre-schedule the menu to automatically change from breakfast, lunch and dinner menus and specials



    Comprehensive Digital Menu Board Design Studio

    Using Roryx online design Studio, you can create nicely organized digital menus that list your entire menu, pricing and nutritional information. The design online Studio is very simple to use and includes a rich set of dynamic drag-and-drop features:

    • Images
    • Videos
    • Slideshows
    • Text
    • Shapes & Background
    • Label
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • News RSS
    • Weather
    • Clock
    • URL
    • Rolling Text
    • Polls
    • YouTube
    Pizza Parlor Signage
    Additional Benefits

    Roryx’s Digital Menu Boards are a cost-effective solution for keeping your menu pricing, promotions and items up-todate and consistent. By combining eye-catching imaginary and with easy-to-read menu listings, your customers will remain engaged while enhancing your customer’s experience.

    • Cross and upsell sell new add-on side items and desserts
    • Centrally manage all of your menu pricing and items
    • Better spotlight new items that you want to sell more off
    • Promote and test new items and sales
    • Stay current with regulation menu requirements