Digital Menu Boards for Café & Coffee House

NoviSign’s digital menu boards for coffee shops and cafés will generate a trendy, modern atmosphere that many of today’s professionals look for and enjoy. Coffee Shop Digital Menu Boards will help you experience a boost in sales, while radically enhancing brand recognition.

  • Sell more specialty drinks, new teas and limited-time offerings!
  • Feature daily promotions and happy hour specials
  • Place a menu board in waiting areas and upsell new specials
  • Create a sense of community and promote local area events
  • Upsell new bakery items and desserts
  • Cross-sell coffee drinks, pastry, parfaits, sandwiches, and more
5 Reasons You Need Digital Menu Board for Your Coffee Shop
  • Easier To Read: grab attention with beautifully organized HD layout templates that can easily be updated
  • Save Time: never again will you have to erase and update pricing or items manually
  • More Control: update one or multiple locations, all at once, at any time from anywhere
  • Turbo-charge Sales: pre-schedule your highest margin items to auto-play at the peak hours of traffic
  • Upsell New Items: add rotating images with promo pricing of your new items
Your Total Solution for Coffee House Digital Menu Boards

With NoviSign’s Digital Menu Board Software, you can strategically pre-schedule your limited time offerings, specialty drink promotions and other ads to auto-play at your busiest times of traffic. Other uses include:

Coffee of the Week

Radiantly promote and sell more of your featured drinks, all while saving you time by pre-scheduling these promotions in advance.

Custom Loyalty

Dedicate a section on the screen to exclusively promote and remind customers to sign up for your value-added loyalty program or app.

Bakery & Menu

Dedicate a section on the screen to exclusively promote and remind customers to sign up for your value-added loyalty program or app.

Nutritional Facts

Using our online design Studio, you can quickly update, organize, promote and add new food items and

Special Drinks & Flavor Shots

Remain FDA compliant and easily edit calories, total fat, total carbs and protein details of each item. You can update a single, multiple, or all locations at once!

Community Events Calendar

Devote a single screen to exclusively sponsoring your highest in margin coffee drinks such as seasonal espressos, new lattés, or blended drinks.

Comprehensive Digital Menu Board Software

Using Roryx online design Studio, you can create nicely organized cafe digital signage menus that list your complete menu, pricing, descriptions and more. The design online Studio is very simple to use and includes a rich set of dynamic drag and drop features:

Images Videos Slideshows Text Shapes & Background Label Facebook Instagram Twitter News RSS Weather Clock URL Rolling Text Polls YouTube
Additional Benefits

NoviSigns Digital Menu Boards for café and coffee roasters are an inexpensive solution to easily creating and updating awe-inspiring digital menus!

  • Highly Engaging: take advantage of the fact that people are trained to look at TV’s
  • Easily Change Items: with one click you can change out prices, items and images
  • Improves Branding: consistent messaging across all screens improves loyalty and recall
  • Visual Appeal: lively colors with a well-organized menu reduces wait lines
  • Builds Value: add a section to the menu that promotes the quality of your roasts