Chrome OS

TV with Chrome OS mini PC with Intel Celeron 2955U

it will give you smooth experience to play our Digital Signage.
It is a perfect device for providing 4K ultimate HD video, can create,

  • GENERAL WIDGETS: Weather, clock, shape, rolling text, RSS and more
  • SOCIAL WIDGETS: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

RICH MEDIA: Images, videos, Upstream


1. Windows 10  Operating system is one of the most popular operating systems around and will   bring an unrivaled level of controlling ioT
2. Equipped with Intel Celeron 2955U and Intel HD Graphics 4400
3. With the HDMI 2.0 data output, supports H.265
Supports Ethernet 10/100 M, standard RJ45


Dell Chromebox

Operating system:  Chrome OS.

CPU                        :  Intel Celeron 2955U 1.40 GHz or Intel Core i3 i3-4030U 1.90 GHz.

Memory                 :  2 or 4GB DDR3 RAM.

Storage                   :  16GB SSD.

Features                 :  WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, RJ45,

Interface                 :  4 x USB, SD card slot, HDMI, Display Port,

Security                   :   Security lock slot, headphone jack,

Power                       :  On/off button and power supply.