Digital Directories

A practical solution for your lobby that is easy to update and modern

Upgrade your buildings static directory with an eye-catching digital directory that is highly engaging and easily visible. Digital directories will help you better share on-demand information in a clear and consistent format. With Roryx, your front desk receptionist or property manager will be able to easily edit tenant names, update meeting schedules and add other media. Once it edits is made the digital directory will update in two minutes.

  • Modify your messages by the time and day, so it talks to your target audience
  • List real-time business hours, schedules and tenant information
  • Add area traffic reports, news, weather and emergency exit maps
  • Post information of upcoming leasing opportunities with contact information
  • Share personalized welcome messages to make your guests feel well-greeted
  • Add RSS feed, scrolling text messages and slideshow media gallery